This would be preaching to the choir if I didn't know so many morons...

I use this thing infrequently these days. Mostly because at the best of times I'm too busy to even remember Livejournal exists. Yeah.

I won't waste your precious Livejournaling time with statistics or quotes from people more qualified than I to make sweeping generalizations about the state of the nation and its future. I simply offer my opinion, played in this bold retelling of "..." by a garbage fire surrounded by transvestite hobos from the Tenderloin.

If you're voting for McCain in the upcoming election, the odds are pretty good that you're a fucking idiot with less sense than my landlord. He spells the word "done" D-U-N and doesn't mean the brown-gray color. Seriously. You're that bad.

If you're not voting for McCain, but also not voting for Obama out of some sense of idealism bordering on willfull ignorance, the odds are very good that you're an idiot with less sense than my landlord's live-in, ginger fuck-puppet. Seriously, that guy could do way better and still live rent free.

And before the Greenies, or Naderites, or whatever the hell you people are calling yourselves these days rip loose from your faux-leather desk chairs in apoplectic, subordinate-party rage, I invite you to monitor the current electoral polling results. Afterward, calmly ask yourself if you think there is any realistic hope of a vast, unprecedented swing toward a party most people ignore for fun within the next month.

Thank you and/or Fuck you.

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Dear Ladypeople,

What is the best spa type place in Seattle? I am specifically looking for the type of place you might buy a gift certificate for as a gift for your Mother on an arbitrary holiday.

If you find yourself at a loss suggestions are always accepted in the form of ham-children.
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In Which Our Hero Requests Assistance

Dear Livejournal,

I am in need of a pair of black leather pants for a photoshoot this weekend. If any of you happen to have a pair that I might borrow I promise to return them promptly in their lent condition. As an added bonus, my chief medical officer has informed me that the mingling of our respective leather-pants-juices will produce an unholy force the likes of which the world has never seen. I'm a size 32-ish, slightly smaller or larger isn't a big deal.

With Deepest Lovejuice,

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Why Hello There.

Have you seen FLCL?

Did you like it?

Did you like the soundtrack?

If you answered no to either of those questions the Adobe parking lot by way of the Aurora bridge awaits you.

If you answered yes then you should come pick me up at 7 so we can go see The Pillows at Club Motor.

This has been a public service announcement by your local Qonstabulary.
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Do any of you fine people happen to have a pair of theatrical contacts (in a Vamp style) that I might be able to pick up from you tonight and borrow for 48 hours? I assure you I have no weird eyeball diseases, communicable or otherwise.
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Chris: dude
Chris: we got into shapes
Chris: rad
Qais: exactly
Qais: our popularity can only be expressed in geometry
Chris: this is a milestone day
Qais: a day that will live in infamy
Qais: we have tetrahedron listeners
Chris: our next goal is dodecahedron
Qais: fartz.
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